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April 04 2014


RBC Law Center- The Art of Recruiting a Superior Litigation Team

RBC Law Center strives to hire the best of the best in multi-plaintiff mortgage litigation. 

Their specialized recruiters seek out litigators from the top law firms to join their team. 

One partner states “We hand pick specific attorneys with proven track records against the largest banks.  We seek out the best to hold the banks accountable.”

Prior to joining RBC, one such attorney was recently part of an elite team of litigators who settled with Bank of America for a $500 Million Mortgage Settlement. 

In February of 2014, another talented litigator whom is recently featured in Bloomberg for her work at the NJ Office for the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs – Bureau of securities, joined RBC as a contract attorney.  

As a result of her accomplishments at the NJ Attorney General’s office, this attorney was nominated for the NJ Attorney General’s 2013 Award for Outstanding Contribution to a Special Project Award.

The search continues for RBC Law Center as they bring on the best in mortgage banking litigation.

February 26 2014


RBC Law Center

RBC Law Center is a consumer rights law firm comprised of a team of litigators with successful track records in settling lawsuits against the “Big Banks”.

“Its all about fighting for the rights of the homeowners,” says one RBC attorney who regularly contributes for the Huffington Post.

Recently, there have been numerous settlements against Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank and other “Big Banks”.   Recently, Chase bank settled for $13 Billion dollars.  This is known to be the largest settlement in US history made by a bank.  With this ongoing trend, RBC attorneys are confident that they will win the multi-plaintiff cases they are filing against 14 Mortgage Lenders.   “There is no need to reinvent the wheel,” says an RBC attorney.  “We know what laws banks have violated.  Banks know they have committed mortgage fraud and predatory lending; they know they have abused the system; and so they are settling.”   Indeed, the trend now is for the banks to settle.

RBC’s legal strategy benefits the clients in many ways.  By filing lawsuits, homeowners are given the chance to be compensated for being defrauded.   But the services of RBC do not stop there.  While the suit is pending, RBC negotiates with the banks for lower interest rates and principal reductions of the homeowners’ mortgage.  RBC is able to effectively do this because the lawsuit in court places pressure on the bank to agree with the law firm.  In these agreements, the banks accept responsibility for its wrongdoings and then rectify the situation for each homeowner.

One RBC attorney settled a class action suit against Bank of America for 100’s of millions before joining this elite team of litigators.

More recently, RBC was able to successfully negotiate another pre-settlement offer for a client.   RBC was able to get an interest rate of 2% for 30 years and a $166,615.44 reduction on the principal loan for this homeowner.  RBC was able get this due to the fact the RBC has filed a suit against the bank in court.  The team from RBC has received dozens of pre-settlement offers in 2013.

RBC Law Center is headquartered in Midtown East Manhattan on 5th Avenue.  Recently, RBC opened another location in the financial district of New York directly on Wall Street. This is quite fitting given the fact that Wall Street is the “Epicenter” of the mortgage meltdown.
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